Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1- Application Scope
1- The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply to all commercial transactions, concluded online, through the present website, except in special cases and expressly established between YKK Portugal, Acessórios para Vestuário, Lda., located in Carambancha, Estrada nacional 1, Nº1, 2580-491 Carregado (contacts: Tel. +351 912 256 006; email: apoiocliente.prt@ykk.com), as seller, hereinafter referred to as "YKK Portugal" and the Customer, as buyer, hereinafter referred to as "Customer".
2- All sales and services provided by YKK Portugal, transactions concluded online, through this website, will be executed upon the Customer's prior acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale set out herein.
3- All commercial transactions are governed by these General Terms of Sale, and those cases not covered by these Terms of Sale or those in which the law is of necessary and imperative application, by the applicable law.

2 – Conclusion of the Contract

1- The contract is considered concluded from the moment the order is received.
2- YKK Portugal will make deliveries to the Customer in Portugal mainland,  islands and abroad, through a carrier selected by it for this purpose, being the customer responsible for the inherent expenses.
3- Any indications regarding the quality, nature or condition of the Product contained in prospectuses, catalogs, etc., should be considered merely indicative, unless they expressly state otherwise. The same shall apply to photographs, drawings or other illustrations of the Product.
4- The Customer may not disclose to third parties, without YKK Portugal's written authorization, the content of any proposals, illustrations or similar documents.

3 – Purpose of the contract

1- The commercial transactions foreseen in these General Sales Conditions have as object zippers and clothing accessories, whose essential characteristics are presented in the description of each product.
4 – Product Reception
1- The Customer shall be responsible for all procedures necessary for receiving the Product when it is delivered to him/her at his/her own premises. If the Customer fails to fulfill these obligations, the resulting additional expenses (e.g. storage costs, among others) will be charged to him.
5 – Suspension or Cancellation of Orders
1- In case the Customer requests the suspension or cancellation of the order of an article customized with the color and size chosen by him/her, YKK Portugal reserves the right not to accept the cancellation or suspension, except in cases where it is mandatory under the law.

6 - Prices and Payment Terms

1- The price to be paid is the one indicated on each product according to the aesthetic and functional characteristics and the respective length.

2- The payments due for any order must be made on the platform according to the methods and means available there.

3- The payment term is immediate; the Client confirms right after the order. In case of lack of payment, the order processing is suspended.

7– Returns & Claims

1- Material returns will only be accepted, provided that they have been previously agreed upon or officially established, and always and to the extent that such returns cannot be denied due to the application of mandatory legislation.
2- All and any complaints must be addressed, in writing, to YKK Portugal and will be treated according to the YKK Portugal quality system.
3- Any defective parts or if the whole product is defective, under the terms of Decreto-Lei nr 84/2021, of October 18th, will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Customer. These replacements or repairs will be carried out within a reasonable period of time and at most 30 days, applying the provisions of that same legal diploma
4- Complaints will only be received when formulated in writing and addressed through the contact email.
5- In everything else that is omitted in these General Conditions, concerning the conformity of goods and guarantees, the aforementioned legal diploma shall govern.
8 – Responsibility
- YKK shall be exempt from any liability for failure to perform supply contracts in cases of Force Majeure (for example, in the event of environmental disasters), within the limits of reason and applicable law, reserving the right, within the limits provided by law, to amend (by express, prior and written agreement of the Customer) or terminate contracts whenever facts occur which imply Change in the Circumstances of the sale, without direct fault of the Customer.

9 – Client's right to free termination of the Contract

1- The Customer has the right to freely terminate the contract, under the terms and with the consequences provided for in the following articles of Decreto-Lei No. 24/2014, of February 14, namely without the need to allege reasons and within 14 days, as well as according to the rules of return costs provided for therein.

2- In addition to other exceptions possibly applicable under the law to this right, the Customer will not have the right to free termination of the above mentioned Contract in case of goods made according to Customer's specifications or manifestly customized.

10- Legal Warranty

- To the contracts regulated by these General Conditions, the Decreto-Lei nº84/2021, of October 18th, will be applied, as far as the legal guarantee of the products is concerned, namely, that the Customer has a general guarantee period of 3 years as of the delivery date of the good.

11- After Sales Service

- YKK Portugal has an installed customer support system, namely for after-sales assistance