Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. Processing of personal data.
To protect personal information, the YKK Group companies (see the following links for YKK Group companies), in addition to complying with the laws, guidelines, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "bylaw") on personal information protection applied in each country, will endeavor to properly manage and protect personal information by developing various regulations on the handling of personal information as follows (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") and making each YKK Group company fully aware of them. In addition, part of the handling of personal information in YKK Group companies, such as the Web Privacy Policy, may be extracted and published separately.
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2 The YKK Group companies will define the purposes for which the personal data will be used
Each YKK Group company will inform or announce the specific purposes for which we will use your personal data. We will use your personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the intended purposes of use. We will not use your personal data inappropriately.
As for personal data about our staff, we will obtain such data separately after giving them sufficient explanation and obtaining their approval.
By the way, we may sometimes obtain confidential personal data. Such confidential data includes information that needs special consideration if you request such consideration, and information necessary to fulfill our obligations to our employees under employment laws and contracts. If you want us to give special consideration to your confidential personal data, we will obtain your data subject to your consent, except as permitted by law.
3. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data
The legal basis for the processing of personal data in each company of the YKK Group is as follows.
① When the individual has given consent to the processing of his/her personal data for one or more specific purposes;
    *If applicable laws or regulations give the individual authority to revoke consent, the individual may revoke consent.
② Cases in which the processing of personal information is necessary to fulfill a contract to which the individual is the contracting party, or if the processing is necessary to take action at the request of the individual prior to the conclusion of the contract;
③ Cases in which the handling is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations of individual YKK Group companies;
④ Cases in which handling is necessary to protect the interests in the life of the individual or another natural person;
⑤ When handling is necessary for the performance of functions in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority granted to each YKK Group company;
⑥Cases in which the handling is necessary for the purpose of legitimate benefits sought by YKK Group companies or third parties. However, this does not apply if the benefits and basic rights and freedoms of the subject seeking protection of personal data outweigh the interests of YKK Group companies, especially if the subject is a child.
4. Joint use of your personal data between companies of the YKK group
Each company of the YKK Group will jointly use your personal data. For the scope of YKK Group companies, please see Section 1 of this Policy (Processing of personal data). We will use your personal data jointly to achieve the purposes mentioned in Section 2 above of this Policy (Personal data we collect and the purposes for which we use personal data).
In such a case, YKK Corporation will have full responsibility for the control of your personal data used jointly by us. In parentheses, YKK Corporation is a Japanese corporation located at I, Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and represented by Hiroaki Otani, President.

Your first and last name, affiliation information (company name, department name, etc.), title or position, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, information about your inquiries.
5. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties
YKK Group companies do not provide acquired personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:

(1) When the person has given consent for the provision to a third party;
(2) Cases of joint use based on laws and regulations;
(3) When the YKK Group outsources work to third parties within the scope of the purpose of use and personal data is provided accordingly. (In this case, each YKK Group company enters into a contract with the contractor for the secure management of personal data and performs the necessary and appropriate supervision);
(4) otherwise permitted by applicable Laws.
YKK Group companies will not provide personal data to third parties on an opt-out basis.
6. Personal data control system
The companies of the YKK Group have established an efficient personal data control system by setting up various protection rules and training all employees in personal data protection. We will handle all personal data in a strict and properly controlled manner and keep this data accurate and up-to-date in accordance with the YKK Group's Personal Data Security Control Measures. In addition, we take steps to prevent leakage, loss or falsification of your personal data. We are well prepared for any possible leak. If a leak or any other incident occurs, we will immediately investigate all facts, take measures to prevent recurrence and notify you and the Committee for the Protection of Private Data and other data protection bodies in accordance with the Laws.
7. Cross Border Data Transfer
Each YKK Group company may transfer data to Group bases abroad or to other foreign countries.
The personal data to be transferred includes data about customers, business partners, and employees of our Group. The YKK Group companies legally transfer this data in accordance with the laws and regulations of adjustment.
8. Personal data retention period
Each YKK Group company will endeavor to delete personal data without delay when it is no longer needed.

9. Notification of purposes of use, disclosure, correction, supplementation, erasure, discontinuance of use, deletion, and cessation of provision to third parties of personal data in our possession
With respect to personal data held by any of the YKK group companies, if you would like us to notify you of the purposes, use, disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, discontinuance of use, deletion or discontinuance of the provision to third parties of your personal data, or if you would like us to notify you of the purposes of the use of your personal data, or if you wish to exercise your legal right to make requests or other rights, please contact us at
10. About Cookies
Some companies in the YKK Group use cookies on their websites. Some of this information is automatically collected each time you visit the site (such as cookies and beacons). A cookie is a small non-executable file on your hard disk which identifies your computer. Depending on your browser's Internet security settings, you may be able to use your site in a way that prevents cookies from being received, but this can significantly reduce your online convenience. Both session cookies and permanent cookies are used on the YKK Group companies' websites.
The session cookie setting begins as soon as you access the site and is cancelled when you close the site. These cookies allow the YKK Group companies to track the sections of the site that you access, which enables the YKK Group companies to track user preferences and use them to make improvements.
Persistent cookies remain on your hard disk unless you remove them through your browser's internet security settings. Persistent cookies are used to store user preferences, such as language use, eliminating the need to reconfigure each visit to the site. Cookies made by YKK Group companies are not linked to personally identifiable information.
This site employs Google Analytics™ (*1), a web analytics tool that uses cookies, to improve customer service as well as the delivery and promotion of YKK advertisements. You can confirm Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (*2) by accessing the website of the web analytics tool Google Analytics™.
Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer by a website. They are used to record information about your visit, such as the time and date of your visit and the number of times you have visited. If you have enabled cookies in your browser settings, information such as your history of using web services may be collected. However, neither session cookies nor permanent cookies from YKK Group companies are linked to personally identifiable information, except as described above in Section 2 "Personal data that YKK Group companies will collect, and the purposes for using personal data".

1: Google and the web analytics tool Google Analytics™ are registered trademarks and recommended general terms of use of Google Inc.
*2: Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found at:
If you wish to restrict the use of cookies, you can disable the use of Google Analytics cookies by accessing the Google Analytics Disable Browser Add-on page(*3). You can also change your browser's cookie settings to block/allow all cookies, block/allow according to cookie type, block/allow cookies for specific sites, etc. Each browser has a different method for changing the settings, so please refer to your browser's "help" menu for details.
*3 Output settings page:
11. Access to the browsing history
Access to each YKK Group company website is accumulated as access history. As a rule, we will use the data obtained from the access history for the purpose of compiling statistics and analyzing the frequency of use of our websites.
The information about access to our site is not linked to data which makes it possible to identify a specific person. Regardless of access history or otherwise, we will not collect personal information from third parties as personal data, nor will we provide private information to third parties who must collect private information as personal data. But if requested by a government agency to disclose personal data through a due process of law, we may disclose access history information. Thank you for your understanding.
12. Continuous Improvement
To properly manage and protect personal information, each YKK Group company periodically reviews its personal information handling operation, amends this policy as necessary, and seeks continuous improvement. Changes to these guidelines will be appropriately communicated.
13. Anonymization or pseudonymization
In order to securely manage personal data, YKK Group companies may exclude personal names or replace them with pseudonyms to anonymize personal data when personal names are not necessary for specific processing. Each YKK Group company fully understands that anonymizing personal data will not exempt or relieve it from its legal obligations to protect personal data, unless said personal data ceases to be personal due to processing (for example, unless it becomes mere statistical data). In particular, YKK Group companies that are governed by Japanese law will not do any anonymization or pseudonymization of personal data.

14. Others
Depending on the content of the event, some YKK Group company websites offer service content such as chats, forums (conference room), bulletin boards, news groups, and e-mail exchanges. When using services in this way, you provide information at your own risk.

Promulgated: April 1, 2005

Changed: April 1, 2022